The # Best BDSM Sex Toys for the Bondage Beginner

Sex is supposed to be all about having fun, but the concept of “fun” is open to interpretation. For some, making love consists of gentle, passionate strokes of pleasure from an equal partner. For those who enjoy BDSM, however, good sex requires a bit more intensity than that.

What Is BDSM?

BDSM is a somewhat new acronym that stands for “Bondage, Dominance, Sadism and Masochism,” having only been invented back in the 90’s. This now relatively common practice involves using a variety of erotic tools and techniques to stimulate pleasure as it relates to the participant’s interpersonal dynamics and desires. Given the extremely wide range of methods used, though, some people don’t even know they’re engaged in BDSM until they read something like this.

For instance, did you know that putting a blindfold on your partner to elevate anticipation is a form of BDSM? It neither causes pain nor intimidates, but it’s still considered a type of bondage and dominance. BDSM can include anything that involves a shift in the atmosphere, so long as it eventually produces sexual climax for one or both of the participants. In fact, BDSM games are so intense and enriching that they’re often performed in large groups or as part of an orgasmic ritual.

What Is a BDSM Sex Toy?

Put simply, a BDSM sex toy can be almost anything you can think of that creates the sort of ambience or experience you require. Because the bondage community has become an increasingly well-known subculture, their practices have spilled over into the mainstream. As a result, the lines between actual BDSM sex toys and traditional sex toys has been blurred quite a bit.

In general, however, BDSM sex toys are just the pleasure and/or pain producing products that support or inspire safe and satisfying bondage, dominance, sadism or masochism gameplay. It can be anything from a pair of handcuffs to a full-blown spiked flogger. The best thing about BDSM is that it’s almost 100% customizable to both the sub and the dom, plus it produces some of the most intense orgasms known to man if it’s done right.

What Are the Most Popular BDSM Sex Toys?

Although the BDSM community didn’t have an actual title until just a few decades ago, their ability to invent and accumulate a mass of specialized sex toys has been impressive to say the least. Today’s sex toy industry is now filled with options, so the average consumer suddenly has everything he or she needs to induce some serious pussy control with a manmade object. We’ve come a long way since the days of dildos only being available through prescription.

On any given day, Joe Shmoe can hop online and find thousands of sex toys made specifically for BDSM. So, how does he tell them apart? He separates them into categories and then tackles the subcategories later, that’s how. Here are the 5 most popular types of BDSM sex toys available (for now):

  1. Restraints

Robust BDSM will always require some good hand, ankle and/or body restraints. These can take the form of things like handcuffs, ropes, ties and handkerchiefs. In extremely fun cases, restraints include sex swings and slings as well. Many of today’s top sex toy manufacturers make BDSM restraints, but you can always use something from around the house in a pinch.

  1. Pain and Pleasure Deliverers

Expert BDSM sometimes involves giving and/or receiving pain. It often involves pleasure too, with many people experiencing the latter directly from the former. But whatever the participants do, they’ll need things like whips, paddles, floggers and ticklers to get that done. And while many of those products can be substituted for common household objects, proper BDSM gameplay always requires specialized equipment.

  1. Humiliators

BDSM enthusiasts understand the value of humiliating their sub. The intense emotional response often leads to an extreme, whole-body orgasm. But none of that is possible without the right items in your bondage arsenal. Sex toys such as ball gags and gas masks are frequently used. However, the tools required for a good humiliation session are quite subjective and therefore difficult to define.

  1. Control Contraptions

Adequately controlling your submissive is one of the dominant’s main missions in BDSM. And while some restraints and humiliators may do the trick, there’s nothing quite like strapping on a sex toy made specifically for genital and ejaculatory control. Products like nipple clamps, pussy clamps, pussy pumps, certain male sex toys and cock cages are of the more popular chastity devices in the bondage community. Still, anything that prevents your sub from acting on impulse is a good thing.

  1. Accessories

No BDSM session is complete without the proper amount of sex toy accessories. Fortunately, many of the accessories used in bondage are also used in traditional sex practices. Items such as personal lubrication, toy clean, material preserving solutions and spare batteries are the norm no matter where you go or how you have sex. On the other hand, good BDSM may also require special accessories for things like temperature play, ASTM and stretching.

How Do I Know Which BDSM Sex Toys to Use?

Because there are so many different categories of BDSM sex toys, and because each category has dozens of subcategories, it’s often difficult for the average shopper to find what they’re looking for on their first attempt. Here are # things you can think about to save yourself some time and money:

  1. Your Intentions

It’s virtually impossible to locate the perfect BDSM sex toy if you don’t know what you want to accomplish. Talk to your dom/sub before purchasing anything to make sure everyone is on the same page. If you want it to be a surprise, just make sure the device you’re considering does what you need it to do.

  1. Your Limitations

BDSM may be extremely freeing, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any limitations to factor in. Think about you/your partner’s skin type and inquire about any sensitivities and/or allergies. Consider any mobility issues as well. Meanwhile, make sure the equipment you purchase can be used in the location you need it to be. For example, some sex swings need to be suspended from a doorway, but not all homes can accommodate.

  1. Your Budget

Getting into BDSM can be kind of expensive, especially if you waste money on products you don’t use. Make a budget for each toy you want to buy, just make sure it stays somewhat flexible. Always add in some space for lube and toy cleaning supplies if you’re wanting to avoid an embarrassing situation. And as always, look for special discounts and coupon codes by purchasing your items through reputable dealers.

Understanding BDSM

Understanding BDSM

What Does BDSM Stand For?

Coined in the 1990’s by a group of sexual revolutionaries who weren’t afraid to admit their kink, BDSM is a relatively modern-day concept with a huge following. The acronym stands for “Bondage, Dominance, Sadism and Masochism,” but the practices are so wide-ranging that it’s sometimes hard to put a lid on the exact definition.

Each part of the BDSM puzzle has its own special meaning, with individualized practices and specific tools used in all of them to accomplish a similar goal. And while BDSM is commonly associated with extreme pain and perversion, many people engage in a more gentle, rudimentary form every time they have sex with a blindfold. Here are how the letters of BDSM are defined (as they relate to sexual activity):

  • B: Bondage – A game of being someone’s physical, mental or emotional slave for the purposes of sexual gratification for one or more partners.
  • D: Dominance – A game of overriding the slave in bondage for sexual or psychological satisfaction.
  • S: Sadism – A game of deriving sexual pleasure from inflicting or experiencing pain, suffering or humiliation with a partner.
  • M: Masochism – A game of deriving sexual pleasure from giving or receiving anything but traditional stimulation.

Sadomasochism is commonly referred to as a combination of the last two letters of BDSM, since the original abbreviation looked more like “B/D, S/M” than “BDSM.” Either way, there are now millions of followers and the practice has even become elevated to the status of a lifestyle for some.

Is BDSM Safe?

The only unsafe thing about BDSM is doing it wrong, but that goes for anything in the entire world. Proper execution of bondage/dominance and/or sadomasochistic practices is completely harmless. As long as there’s open communication between the participants, the right tools are used and a safe word has been agreed upon, nothing bad can happen (unless you want it to).

Why Do People Like BDSM?

For many, the thought of BDSM is scary and intimidating. The concept of deriving pleasure from experiencing or delivering pain seems far-fetched to some. But for the millions of BDSM enthusiasts around the world, there’s nothing better than pushing the human mind and body to its brink. That’s right, BDSM is about more than just the physical.

People like participating in BDSM games because they break down inhibitions and strengthen the bonds of trust and intimacy between partners. When performed correctly (and with proper etiquette), bondage and dominance play can be amazingly satisfying. In fact, most folks who engage in BDSM say that it helps them achieve harder and longer-lasting orgasms than traditional sex.

And because BDSM encompasses so many different habits, practices and lifestyles, it’s one of the most tailor-made activities on the planet. People can go from gentle to intense and back again without ever leaving the subculture’s reach. BDSM has become so favored by the people, in fact, that it’s now openly talked about and promoted in the mainstream media.

Are There Any Special Skills or Tools Required for BDSM?

Most BDSM games require a few fundamental skills and a basic level of trust between partners. On top of that, many of the activities involved in bondage, dominance, and sadomasochism need supportive equipment to get the job done. Hand and ankle restraints, pain and pleasure devices, humiliation tools, and bondage accessories are commonly used by participants and pretty much mandatory in most cases.

Some of the most frequently used BDSM tools include but are not at all limited to the following:

  • Ball gags
  • Whips, paddles and floggers
  • Ropes, ribbons and chains
  • Sex swings
  • Sex slings
  • Masks
  • Blindfolds
  • Chastity devices
  • Insertable sex toys
  • Temperature play products
  • Electrostimulation (e-stim) tools

Each of those categories has about a dozen subcategories, which means the average person could spend an entire day exploring the possibilities.

BSDM: An Overview

Using a wide variety of tools and techniques, people from all over the world are experiencing intense levels of sexual pleasure through bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism roleplaying games, or BDSM. This relatively new practice has developed into a respectable subculture with its own unique brand of sex toys and equipment. With proper use and a substantial education on the subject, even newbies can enjoy all that BDSM has to offer.