Command Performance : Fort Lauderdale's Finest Dungeon
Command Performance : Fort Lauderdale's Finest Dungeon Command Performance : Fort Lauderdale's Finest Dungeon
Command Performance : Fort Lauderdale's Finest Dungeon
Command Performance : Fort Lauderdale's Finest Dungeon

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Lucky you... you’ve fallen into the lair of Mistress Bella. Now get onto the floor, where you belong! Yearning to know more about me? I’m beautiful, educated, and a life-long female supremacist. I approach encounters in the dungeon from the perspective of a lifestyle dominant and long time BDSM sensualist. Amongst my favorite things are ritualized activity, psychological games, corporal punishment, training slaves, and owning men. It’s well-known that I also have a fetish for forced feminization, sissification, sluttification, and role reversal. I can be a severe and utterly condescending Bitch-Goddess or a loving pet owner to both aspiring and experienced slaves.

I will methodically dismantle you and mold you into the kind of creature that approaches worthiness of female company. You will be destroyed to be ritualistically transformed, to be created. Slaves must learn that true submission and that bondage goes far beyond ropes and shackles. Yes, submission is a gift, though teaching the lesson of accepting total submission and psychological slavery is a greater one. I adore crafting people into my pets and relentlessly teaching them how to behave like good slaves. 

Sissification, Sluttification, Crossdressing

Forced Feminization and cross-dressing men as women is a long-time passion. I love corseting the male body, binding men up in restrictive clothing or slutty lingerie, and forcing them to appreciate the grueling discipline of being exquisitely feminine. After all, We do it for them... it's time for the shoe to be on the other foot. Get ready to be shoved into the Dolly-Machine and be made into my plaything.

I practice my art conscientiously... above all, play is safe, sober, and sane. Respect in any scene is mutual and I expect anyone who comes to see me to be respectful of the top priority of any session: my amusement. I will nevertheless cast a charitable eye toward your personal tastes and inclinations.


A few of My favorite things

Corporal Punishment
Foot, Shoe, & Boot Worship
Bare Foot Trampling
Forced Feminization: from casual to full Female Fantasy Transformation
Corsetry Fetish
Puppy and Pony Play / Training
Cuckolding and Humiliation
Candle Wax
Smoking Fetish
Role Play, such as:
Punishing Butlers, Students, Husbands, etc.

Some No-Nos

• Intimate Body Worship
• Scat/Kaviar/etc.
• Touching My Cuckolding Stud
Of course it is my privilege to deny requests for any fetish, fantasy or act for any reason on a case-by-case basis


Command Performance is also available for  dungeon rentals and we have several regular Guest Mistresses.
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